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Small Business SEO – Langley – 7 Costly Mistakes

 7  Costly and Potentially Dangerous Mistakes People Make When Choosing a SEO Consultant


* How do you choose the right SEO Consultant for YOUR business?

* What criteria should you use in making this VERY important decision?

* The wrong decision WILL cost you dearly!


Listed are 7 potentially costly mistakes by Small Business SEO – Langley

1.  Working with Overseas SEO Consultants If money is a problem and you are going overseas looking for a cheap service be careful, make sure they can speak and write in your language and that you can communicate with them.   One way to confirm his abilities through emails and phone calls, if there are a lot of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes and you cannot communicate properly with him, save your money and stay home.

2.  Experienced SEO Consultants might be relatively costlier than a new consultant who works for $8/hour but it is worth putting that extra money into an experienced person who knows exactly what needs to be done effectively and efficiently.

3.  Most SEO Consultants have a large knowledge base and not just SEO but many other aspects of internet marketing, web design, PPC, analytics, lead generation to name a few.

4.  Guarantee’s are standard in any business and any SEO Consultant should also give you one, but be careful if they guarantee google rankings…if they do you need to read up on what Google has to say about SEO and page rankings.

5.  Being answerable to you regarding any activities he/she plans to do to the site including improvements he/she recommends.

6.  Transparency should be welcomed by any SEO Consultant providing your are reasonable with what you are requiring, exact processes should be left to the SEO Consultant but general questions should be fine.

7.  Check out the SEO Consultants own website, search for related keywords and see if they come up on the first page as suggested.  If they cannot get their own site on the first page of Google then they cannot possibly get yours there.

Connie Glutyk is the SEO Consultant for Small Business SEO – Langley






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