SEO Help?

Small businesses have small budgets for advertising and this makes it difficult for them to afford SEO professionals to help them build their business. And when looking for cheaper SEO help there are lots of stories out there of people who have been burned by black-hat techniques that only get the owners site banned for spamming, then they have to start all over again building their business.SEO Help?

If you want to put a little work in on your own, you can build your business yourself, it will take some time and effort on your part; here are a few tips here to get your creative juices going.

You’ve already been building your business using techniques like networking, making contacts with other business and clients, keeping a mailing list and growing it, not to mention giving amazing customer service, you’ve built a blog and write in it a couple times a week.

How about adding some more techniques such as exchanging product for service to give you some SEO help, such as giving the other company some Pay Per Click help in exchange for whatever it is there company can give you in exchange. Some what like how barter works. If you’re trying to build links to your site you could offer to donate your time and services to help another site with your knowledge in exchange for that link. Keep in mind that you have to do this with a company of the same liking as yours. Don’t go and do this for a dentist when you are a pet grooming business, the two just do not match.

The use of Meetup Groups on the subject of SEO marketing is a great way to meet other businesses like yours and possible get links back to your site. This doesn’t involve a lot of money but rather an investment of your time but they are a great way to meet local professionals who are often times guest speakers at these meeting. Mingle and meet other attendees often times you will meet the guest speaker and can get some personal one-on-one advice.SEO Help?

These meetup groups will cost you very little money, but in terms of time, you can expect to spend at least an hour each time, and there will typically be a number of meetups throughout the year. That doesn’t count the time you’ll have to spend getting to these SEO Help meet up groups, including driving to the location of the meet up group, gas and coffee, or applying what you learn. Your local chamber of commerce is another place to meet business people to learn information from and give out your business card to.

You can also get information from such activities as joining SEO chat rooms, forums, Google Webmaster Blog, Search Engine Journal and more. You can expect to spend a few hours a day reading, but you will pick up tons of information. If you apply what you learn you will slowly get the SEO help you are looking for but it will take time after being applied.

Good luck and happy searching!

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