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SEO Consultation by Small Business SEO – Langley

Site EvaulationOur SEO Consultant will do a site evaluation and discuss with you what needs to be done to receive the optimization results you want.  Everyone’s needs are different, every client is different and therefore we cannot give one blanket price structure.

Small Business SEO – Langley will work closely with you to obtain the changes necessary to rank your website on the first page of the search engines for your chosen keywords, in no time flat.   Small Business SEO – Langley uses a unique system that is unknown to others in the field which is Google friendly and will keep your site in that first position or on the first page rank indefinitely.

Yes, our consultant will give you advice as to what you can do to keep your costs down or if you decide that you don’t have time to do the recommendations we can provide that service for you.

Once your site is ranked where we want it to be our SEO Consultant will provide monthly maintenance services to keep your site on top of the first page.  Otherwise, what was the importance of optimizing your site to have it ranked at the top of the search engines if you don’t maintain it?

Please contact Connie Glutyk at Small Business SEO – Langely to get started!

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