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Internet Marketing Promotion – Make Serious Money

Internet Marketing PromotionDo you have a dream of making money online with the internet marketing promotion of a product or service; making serious money online drives you daily to do the things you do.  And why shouldn’t it?  You read about it daily how this guru makes big money doing internet marketing, lives the dream life you would love to have, but just making extra income would be wonderful period.

With the economy in the tank, making an extra hundred dollars or two would really help out with your day job income.  Depending on your job for your wages to support your family is looking bleaker and bleaker, the drive to and from work, with the gas prices is eating into your job income.  All of this just drives your dream of self-sufficient income and to be self-reliant is eating your heart away.

You have the drive, you know what it takes, you have been studying Internet Marketing Promotion taking courses, learning everything you can but you are still not making it.  You want to build a sustainable income, not just sell a few e-books, or e-bay items, do surveys, writing articles or setting up websites and selling them.  You want real money on a daily basis and large enough to support your family in a grand way, no more getting up early in the morning, dressing for your job and returning late in the evening doing the same thing over and over again.  No, you want more than that!  You have a dream, a very large dream. Let’s have a look at what it is going to take for you to be successful.

You will need to remember these three things:

1.     Build Internet Marketing Promotion

2.      Promote

3.      Monetize

You have to master the above 3 items for your success, and I mean really master them for your website to reach its potential.

Your website has to be fully optimized for the search engines because if you don’t it will never make it to the top position.  You want; no you need to be in the #1 position on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. for your hard work to pay off.  Second place earns you 50% less viewers than 1st place, so that is where you will have to spend your time with your internet marketing promotion. When building your site you have to have value, that is the buzz word these days and it is true, if you don’t give value no one is going to be interested in your site.  How do you add value you ask?  It’s easy.

1.      Find the Problem

2.      Find the Pain

3.      Give the Solution.

If you can find the problem for the pain and give the solution you will have a hit of a website and people will come to it, no problem.  Build an attractive website with the above 3 features and you will be giving value.

Then you promote your website, whether it is your own product you have created or you are going to promote as an affiliate and sell someone else’s product, you must get that website seen.  Internet marketing promotion using Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to promote your website, get it to the top of search engines in that #1 position and then watch it convert to sales.

To do this you will need to promote in as many places as possible, such as article writing, social bookmarking, blogger accounts, facebook fan page, squidoo, hub pages, writing reviews, comments.  Make sure that you put a link in all these place pointing back to your site to receive back links which is what you need to be relevant in Google’s and the other search engines eyes.

Monetization of your site is easy besides the product you are using for your internet marketing promotion you could also add advertising on your site by selling spaces on your site for others to advertise their product.  This could bring in an extra sum of cash each month, or you can place Amazon, Commission Junction or other CPA advertising on your site.  Be sure and pick high ticket items to advertise so your commission off the sale is high enough to make your marketing efforts worth while.

Internet marketing promotion is hard and tedious work but if you keep at it you will be successful and have a full time income from home as you dreamed.  Good luck and keep studying, learning and following what others are doing and don’t stop here; build another site and do it all over again.

Again, good luck with your internet marketing promotion efforts!

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